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Our Mission

To protect the sustainability of the Pacific halibut resource, ensure fair and equitable allocation of the halibut resource among all sectors, and promote rational management of the halibut fishery.

Current Issues (10/20/14):

CATCH. At the October Council meeting, they passed a motion to have staff prepare an initial analysis of the CATCH proposal. CATCH was developed by the Alaska Charter Association and Southeast Alaska Guides. The CATCH program would allow charter operators to buy up commercial quota to put into a common pool for charter operators. We do not support the program as proposed and believe other options such as an IFQ should be considered; however, the Council chose not to consider an IFQ program or a fleet reduction (buyback) of charter permits. We have serious concerns about impact on commercial fishing families and communities. More information is in the following documents:

CATCH proposal by the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization and Alaska Charter Association
D2 CATCH NPFMC Discussion Paper.pdf
D2 Public comments.PDF Public comments on the discussion paper
D2 PVOA Comments on Charter Halibut Common Pool .pdf
FINAL MOTION: CATCH Charter Halibut 1014.pdf

Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA) is up for reauthorization. Early drafts of the reauthorization included a five year review of allocations (e.g. charter vs. commercial); later drafts excluded Alaska from this policy but we need to be watchful. Recreational interests are promoting other changes to MSA they believe will help them, particularly with allocations. We do not expect Congress to move any bills this year but expect the matter will be taken up in the new Congress in January 2015 and build on draft language developed to date.

Catch Sharing Plan (CSP). 2014 was the 1st year the CSP was in effect. Between now and the December 2014 Council meeting the data will be reviewed and at the December Council meeting they will adopt charter management measures for the 2015 which will be recommended for adoption by the IPHC. Charter operators have input into the management measures (e.g. fish size) which are designed to keep them within their quota.

Halibut Calendar

Oct 6-14. NPFMC, Anchorage (NPFMC considers CATCH discussion paper)

Oct 7. National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy – Public Town Halls, Anchorage Hilton Oct 31. Regulatory proposals for 2015 due to IPHC

Dec 2-3.
IPHC Interim Meeting, Seattle

Dec 8-16.
NPFMC, Anchorage (NPFMC recommends charter management measures to IPHC)

Dec 31.
Harvest Advice or catch limit proposals for 2015 due to IPHC

Jan 26-30, 2015.
IPHC Annual Meeting, Vancouver BC

2011 Charter Operators vs Locke (Halibut Charter Limited Entry)

2009 Charter Lawsuit

Event Calendar

Dec 4-5, 2013 IPHC Interim Meeting, Seattle

Jan 13-17, 2014 IPHC Annual Meeting, Seattle

Jan 19-23, 2015.  IPHC Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC

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